Workout Wednesday

"Cardio & abs in 20 mins"

Wowser this one gets in if you really bring it and give maximum effort.

To warm up run, skip or do step ups for 5 mins and complete some dynamic hip flexor stretches.

Cardio HIIT – 30 secs each exercise one after the other for a total of 2 mins then rest for 15 secs. Complete 4 rounds giving you a total of 8 mins high intensity work.

1.       Short fast shuttle runs

2.       Squat jumps

3.       High knee runs

4.       Skaters

Follow this sequence up with 2 rounds of the abdominal exercises below for 1 min each totalling 4 mins. Rest for 15-30 secs and repeat.

1.       Travelling walkout to pushup + knee tuck

2.       Reverse curl

3.       V up criss cross

4.       Plank with single arm reach (alternating arms)

Grab a friend and push each other through this workout! Its loads of fun and it takes no time.

You only need 20 mins.