Workout Wednesday

"Pilates workout"

I am loving Pilates at the moment! 😍

It always makes me feel so much stronger in all of the other training I do 🤸‍♀️ 🏋️‍♀️🏃‍♀️

This little repertoire can be added to the end of your cardio/strength workout or done as a quick workout anywhere/anytime. You don’t have to own a proper Pilates ball. You can just buy a kids bouncy ball the same size and inflate ¾ of the way up so it’s not too hard.

Get your Pilates on peeps! 🙌

I promise I will improve/change your strength and physique 💪

Pilates squishy ball 🏐🏐

🔟 reps of each exercise over 3️⃣ rounds

1. Bridge up (squeeze ball in & out for 10), bridge down articulationg one vertebrae at a time towards the floor x 10

2. Double leg extension (keep head down if you have diastasis or neck issues) x 10

3. Reverse curl (curl tailbone and sacrum off the mat and control it back down slowly) x 10

4. Side lying double leg lift (hold last rep up and squeeze ball in and out x 10) x 10 each side

5. Half roll back with rotation (squeeze ball between knees to stabilise pelvis and rotate through the ribcage) x 10

6. Superman (add arm extension – optional, squeeze ball between ankles) x 10