Workout Wednesday

"Fab Abs"

Add this abdominal repertoire to the end of your workouts and you will have fab abs in no time!

In this video below I will demonstrate level 1 beginner option first and Level 2/3 advanced variation second.

Please choose the variation you can complete with good form.

For deep abdominal connection you will need to gently draw your lower tummy into your spine with a small pelvic floor lift, stabilise your pelvis by having the 2 hip bones on a level plane to each other, avoid rocking side to side in your pelvis and gently sink the ribs towards each other like they are funnelling down towards your belly button.

Ensure that you stop and take a break if you feel pain or strain in your lower back and reset the pelvis and abdominal recruitment.

Complete 2-3 rounds of the following set up to 3 times per week.

1.   Reverse curl into double leg lower combo (only lower as far as you can without the back arching or ribs popping open) x 10

2.   Scissors (leave your head down if you have diastasis) x 20

3.   Criss Cross (stable pelvis, wrap through the rib cage, arm pit to knee, elbows wide) x 10 slowly

4.   Side plank with hip raises (maintain good shoulder organisation) x 5 each side

5.   Side plank with twist (keep pelvis fairly stacked and wrap through the rib cage to square shoulders to the floor) x 5 each side

6.   Travelling plank (knees or toes, hands push up directly under the shoulder. Avoid being forward of the shoulder) x 5 each arm

Feel the burn LOL