Motivation Monday

"Consistency is πŸ”‘"

Its not what you do every now and again that shapes our lives, but what we do consistently!

What I have learnt over the last 11 years (but more so recently) is that its not the promises of πŸ—― "Drop a dress size in 5 days" πŸ—― "30 days to the perfect booty" or πŸ—― "Rock hard abs in 14 days" that create the lasting change you long for, its what you do every bloody day that sculpts your life. We are human though and a short cut to incredible results is hard to pass up but that dress size you lost on Friday will be right back hugging your hips a week later if you don't make sustainable and consistent changes.

Often throughout the journey to become healthier and happier we trip along the way but does a child give up when they are learning to walk, to talk, to write? You might throw a few tantrums when things get tough and find a load of excuses that give you a temporary out..but trust me, you gotta kick those effing excuses and procrastination to the kerb and get back on track.

Up until 11 years ago I was an unhappy, unhealthy and overweight. Making a change to a healthier me was something incredibly daunting. I had NO IDEA about health, about fitness or about being happy but I never regret taking that step of courage. 

I started to exercise and I changed my diet, eating predominantly wholefoods...

not just on a Monday,

not every now and again,

not Monday to Friday,

but most of the time. 

I remained consistent and focused with my nutrition and exercise and in one year went from only being able to run 20 meters around an oval (before I had to stop to catch my breath) to being 20kg lighter and completing a Half Marathon and numerous Triathlons.

These accomplishments, although something I am proud of are not really my biggest wins ~ the happiness, fulfillment and self confidence that I (and those around me) have gained throughout this journey are unmeasurable! 

More than anything, at Stellar we want to empower and support women to flick that switch to be consistent, be committed and live a life of wellness, excitement, passion and happiness not just today but every day!

I've mentioned it before in my posts but seriously this stuff makes me so freaking excited πŸ€—