Motivation Monday

"Sibling love"

Have you got an amazing brother or sister (or several) that makes your heart sing? One that motivates you to be a better person? To love unconditionally? ðŸ˜

We would love to hear your story 🙏

I am incredibly lucky to have a brother and a sister with the added bonus of enjoying their company often 🙌

Having younger siblings in some ways, comes responsibility. ðŸ¤”👩‍🎓

As your big sister.......

🔸You will always have a best friend in me no matter what 🌸
🔸I will be your ally, for life 👍
🔸I am your sounding board when you need an ear👂🏻
🔸I can be available any night of the week for a quiet drink – I mean chat 😂🍷
🔸To always accept your crazy snapchats and like all of your social media posts 😩
🔸Be there to support all of your big life moments 😀😥
🔸Be there first person at your door when you have hit a low point or high point ⬇️⬆️
🔸Love you unconditionally even if you annoy me at times ❤️😡
🔸Join you on amazing holidays (I'm just inviting myself) ðŸ˜‚☀️🏖
🔸Always be up for a good time anytime/anywhere 💃🏼🕺

This is my promise to you 😘