Workout Wednesday

"Thera - band workout"

Thera-bands are so inexpensive, versatile and portable! Anywhere, anytime!

Using this awesome piece of equipment and your own body weight, smash this one out in the holidays at home, park, beach or villa garden.

In this sequence do 4 rounds with the 1st round being 40 reps of each, then the 2nd round 30 reps, 3rd round 20 reps and last round 10 reps. Follow each round with the cardio kicker in between the sets

Strength sequence

Parallel squat – wide grip/parallel stance (crunch lots of the band for extra intensity)

Back row – wide grip/cross over into opposite hand/parallel stance

Bicep curl – Fist grip/thumb on top/parallel stance

Tricep kickback - Fist grip/thumb on top/parallel stance

Lateral raise- wide grip/split stance/front foot in the band

Cardio Kicker

1 min – shuttle runs approx. 20m apart

1 min – Burpees or Jacks

1 min – Crunches, mountain climbers or reverse curl (for diastasis)

Back to strength sequence for 30 reps and so on

Tip – Always work against the resistance of the band on the way back down to the start point slow and controlled.