Motivation Monday

"August Member of the Month"

We couldn't go past the beautiful (inside and out), incredibly fit and strong Gabby for August Member of the Month!  This girl is such a valued member of Stellar, we can't imagine not having her in our classes.  She is consistent with her attendance and always willing to set the pace and lead the way!

As a small token of your efforts we wanted to provide you with a voucher for breakfast/lunch at one of your favourites - Revolver!  

Gabby took the time to answer the Member of the Month questions - read here to find out what she had to say:

1. What is your biggest achievement since joining our health & fitness group? Developing a regular exercise routine whilst juggling work and motherhood.

2. What is your favourite type of workout? I like a partner workout as I really enjoy working as a team. I love variety, which is why I enjoy Stellar as every session and trainer are so different.

3. What is your main health and fitness goal for the next 12 months? I want a healthy balance in my life, which means I need to stay focused on regular exercise, a balanced diet and maybe less snacking on my children's dinners K

4. Share your favourite recipe with us?

Cabbage and Kale Salad (see recipe in the newsletter)

5. Hit us with your favourite motivational quote!

You never realise how strong you are. Until being strong is the only choice you have.

Thank you and congratulations again Gabby!

Dani, Jess & the Stellar Team xxx

Member of the Month August.JPG