Workout Wednesday

"Holiday Hardio Cardio"

When hubby and I train together when we are away on holidays we both think we come up with better workouts than the other 🙄 so to keep everyone happy we often we do a workout where we pick a few exercises each. This is one we did where we picked 3 exercises each - you can choose your own exercises but are some ideas that we used last time.

40 seconds work / 10 seconds rest:

💦 Mercy + Tuck

💦 Travelling Plank + Pushup

💦 4 x 4 (4 x High Knee + 4 x Ankle Taps)

💦 Burpee

💦 Leg Lowers

💦 4 x Jump Lunge + 2 x Squat (these look like they are in slow motion but they aren’t I was just dieing in the heat at the end of the workout 😷)

Rest for 1 minute and repeat 4-5 times or until the weaker link throws in the towel 😂

Tag your workout buddy to try this with!

Enjoy! Jess