Workout Wednesday

"Cardio HIIT"

It’s no secret that high intensity interval training has many benefits. Here are my top reasons why short bursts of intensity, (otherwise known as HIIT) is my favourite type of workout πŸ™Œ
βœ”οΈIt helps build endurance
βœ”οΈBurns calories and body fat in a shorter period of time – winning
βœ”οΈPromotes effective use of energy
βœ”οΈBoosts metabolism
βœ”οΈProvides an after burn of calories post workout – again we are winning
βœ”οΈYou don’t need fancy equipment
βœ”οΈIt’s great for heart health
βœ”οΈHIIT totally takes you out of your comfort zone pushing you into the unknown but man oh man it feels good afterwards 😍
Today’s home workout – all you need is a skipping rope and a timer app on your phone. I use seconds pro ⏱
Set high intensity for 45 secs and rest for 15 secs. 
Complete all 6 exercises over 6 mins
πŸ”ΊSkipping or fast step ups on a low step
πŸ”ΊJacks or side taps
πŸ”ΊBurpee to heel taps – or modified burpee
πŸ”ΊMountain climber – you can do this exercise with your hands on an elevated step
πŸ”ΊCriss cross sumo jumps or basic sumo squats
πŸ”ΊPushups to V jump
Rest 1 min. Complete 3 – 4 rounds in total.
Please remember to warm up at the beginning and stretch all major muscle groups at the end
Check the video for demonstrations and modified options of the exercise.