Workout Wednesday

"All about arms"

This is a great workout for the upper body. If you happen to have some light weights at home, feel free to use them for the arms circles or you can use a few cans equal in weight from your pantry.

As always make sure you warm up your upper body with maybe some planks and/or incline push up. Say 45 secs planks/10 push ups then repeat.

Once warmed up complete the following sequence –

* Walkout to plank x 10

* Push ups (toes or knees) x 20

* Tricep dips (straight or bent legs) x 30

* Arm circles (15 in each direction – keep your torso still) x 30

* Travelling plank (knees or toes) x 20 – (10 each arm)

* Lateral plank walks x 4 across =1 set x 10

(this one will get your mind working LOL – I was struggling)

Note - See different option to lateral plank walk in the video link

Stretch your shoulders, chest and triceps after the workout.

Have fun with this one.