Workout Wednesday

"Its an abs kind of day"

Gosh I love working the abs! Complete 4 rounds of the following set of exercises and you will be sure to feel the burn!

Please always remember to keep your ribs melted and pelvis in neutral. If you feel any strain in your neck of back stop, take a rest look at the regression of the exercise.

This is a great little add on to your weights, run, bike, swim or gym workout. Enjoy!

* Shin taps x 12

* Scissor legs x 12 (you can keep your head down if you need to)

* Criss cross x 12 (support your head and neck with your hand clasped behind the base of your skull and avoid pulling your neck forward)

* Reverse curl with double leg lowers x 12 (or regress to reverse curl with single leg lowers)

* Side plank with hip raises x 6 each side (regress to your knees if needed)

* Travelling plank x 6 each arm (regress to knees if needed)