Fuel Friday

"When life gives you cabbage…make Sauerkraut!"

As well as tasting delicious, fermented veggies have numerous benefits for our bodies, including that they help heal your gut, aid in digestion and in the absorption of vitamins and minerals!

Im all about simple, and honestly this is exactly that and given that Sauerkraut is generally in excess of $8 per jar it is extremely worthwhile to make your own at home!

This is all you need...

1 head of cabbage, 

1 Tablespoon of Salt (non iodine as it may interfere with the fermentation process)

Mason Jar


1. Take off the outer leaves of the cabbage and take out the core.
2. Cut the cabbage into thin strips and place in a large bowl with your salt, mix and leave to rest for 20 minutes. The salt help draws the moisture out of the cabbage.
3. Use your hands to mix, massage and squeeze the cabbage for at least 5 minutes until it is soft and the juice (brine) is coming out.
4. Pack the cabbage into the mason jar, pushing it down firmly until it submerges in the brine. Continue doing so leaving 2-3cm space at the top of the jar.
5. To keep the cabbage covered by its juices you can use the core and the outer tougher leaves that you removed earlier to keep it pressed down.
6. Loosely put the lid on the jar so that gas can still escape as the fermentation process occurs.
7. Pop the jar in a cool shaded place for around 1 week. The cabbage will fade in colour and it will look cloudy and bubbly - all a sign of it fermenting.
8. After a week remove the core and outside cabbage leaves you used to push it down with and keep it in the fridge. It will last there (unless you eat it beforehand) for several months.

You can use herbs and spices to change the taste and loads of different veggies as well - Ive used Cabbage here but another fav is carrot and white cabbage with dill!

I love adding this to basically any meal but it is so so delicious with your eggs in the morning!