Workout Wednesday

"Short on Space?"

This workout is perfect for exactly if you are stuck at home cause bub is having their nap, hubby is out of town and you can’t get to your early morning Stellar sesh, your away for work and in your hotel room crack this one out! Trust me there is always a way to add movement into your day if you make it a priority πŸ˜‰

4 rounds of 6 exercises:

- 60 sec Wall sit (feet hip width apart, back flat against the wall)
- 50 Mountain Climbers (shoulders over hands and draw the knees into the chest contracting your abdominals)
- 40 Bicycle Crunches (or regress to Pendulum legs x 10)
- 30 Squats
- 20 Curtsey Lunges (hips square and take the leg 45 degrees to the back, pushing through the front heel to engage through your inner thigh)
- 10 Hindu Push-ups (or complete a standard Push-up toes, knees or against the wall)

THE TWIST - Set your timer and every 1 min complete 2 x Burpees 😜

Enjoy beauties! Jess ✌🏼