Workout Wednesday

"All the fun, all the fitness!"

Check out this running session that the 6am Annandale girls did this morning! Im not going to lie - it is tough but you know I always ain’t meant to be easy 😉

As you can see from the girls smiling faces, it is all worth it in the end and they are all feeling proud of their efforts as am I #proud trainer ☺️

➡️ Warm up:
Easy run + drills

➡️ Running Intervals:

2 x 400m run (timed) with 1 min rest in between efforts. Second effort must be min < 5 sec less than first.

6 x 100m sprints every minute (i.e. sprint at the start of the minute, when completed rest till the next minute)

10 x 50m sprints every 30 sec

➡️ Bodyweight Burner:
30 sec Max Effort Pushups / 30 sec rest
30 sec Max Effort Broad Jumps / 30 sec rest
30 sec Max Sit Ups / 30 sec rest

*Record score at end of each set of exercises and repeat for another round trying to maintain or beat your previous score (whilst maintaining form).

➡️ Finisher: 
400m Sprint < time from second 400m effort.

#thegoods #sorrynotsorry 😂

Give it a crack! Jess ✌🏼