Fuel Friday

"Green smoothie goodness"

The full of goodness “Green smoothie” recipe inspired by Teresa cutter - Healthy chef 🌱👨‍🍳 
Great for digestion and gut health – add a twist to your morning protein shake 🥤🥤
1 small frozen banana
1 cup of ice
1 ½ cups milk of choice ( I use almond milk)
Serving of plain or vanilla protein powder ( I used WPI – protein supplies Australia)
Large handful of spinach
8 mint leaves
Probiotic powder (I opened a bioceuticals capsule into the shake and disposed of the capsule)
Dash of peppermint extract
Blitz all in the blender and enjoy 😉 
Note - The amazing Teresa recommends her healthy chef green smoothie & protein powder which I didn’t have so I modified. Her version looks amazing though. Might just have to purchase the green smoothie powder 👍💲