Fuel Friday

“Chicken & Avocado salad”

Fuel your Friday with this delicious bowl by @natashakitchen 🥑🥑
Ingredients -
🔺2 large cooked chicken breasts shredded or chopped
🔺3 medium avocados
🔺1 cup corn (from 1 cooked cob)
🔺2 bacon rashers diced and cooked
🔺1/4 cup of chives or green onion chopped
🔺2 Tbsp chopped dill
Lemon dressing 🍋🍋
🔺3 Tbsp lemon juice
🔺3 Tbsp EVOO
🔺Dash of sea salt and cracked pepper
👉Dice or shred chicken breast and place in mixing bowl
👉Chop avocado into bite size peices
👉Add 1 cup cooked corn (freshly cooked corn is best)
👉Toss in green onion or chives, chopped cooked bacon and 2 Tbsp dill
👉Combine dressing ingredients, stir and drizzle over salad and gently toss trough with your hands
Vegetarian option - Omit chicken and/bacon & add 2 hard boiled eggs in quarters and 1 x chopped cucumber instead 🥚🥚