Workout Wednesday

“One of my absolute ALL TIME FAVOURITE workouts!”

I’ve modified it slightly so that it uses no equipment, perfect for you to do at home or on holidays! If however you want to increase the difficulty of this workout and have a pull up bar handy sub the burpees for pull-ups and rip in!

You can expect this workout to take around 45min depending on your fitness level and modifications but no matter what if you dare to give this a crack you are guaranteed one awesome sweaty arse session!

Let’s make sure we respect the movements and keep form on point! Full extension at the top of the burpee (as seen in this pic), chest to the ground on the pushups or if you are unable to do this whilst still maintaining form, pull it back slightly but ensure you move to a depth that is challenging. When squatting, pending mobility you are aiming to break parallel.

Give it a crack let me know how you go! Jess x

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