Motivation Monday

“40 Day New Year Reboot Wrap Up!”

Aaaaaaaand that’s a wrap for our 40 Day New Year Reboot! We have been absolutely blown away with the results from the participants - not only are they able to see the physical changes they can also feel the psychological benefits of being apart of the Stellar Community and of focussing on their health and fitness!

All of the girls who achieved their set measurable goal for the Reboot landed themselves a spot in the draw for the $250 Catalina Dining voucher. So without further delay it gives us great pleasure to announce that the winner of this fabulously delicious prize is…

....Sandra 🤩

A massive congratulations to this Beauty (and her partner in crime, Kristen who signed up for the Reboot with her and also achieved amazing results - everything is better with friends right 👭). Sandra is without a doubt a well deserving winner, having lost over 15cm due to making positive changes to her nutrition and exercise regime. She is definitely wearing the Stellar glow 😊

Congratulations Sandra and all the Reboot participants. We couldn’t be prouder of your efforts and look forward to continuing this journey alongside you!

Dani, Jess & the Stellar Team ✌🏼