Motivation Monday

“Give someone your undivided attention today”

The other day Ella and I were on the lounge watching The Voice, reading our books in the ads. During one of the ad breaks, Ella asked me what my newest book was about and as I went to respond she pressed mute on the TV remote to hear my response.

I don’t know whether she did this because it was just hard to hear with the TV on or maybe she did actually really want to listen to what I had to say. Either way, what I do know is how it made me feel.

With all the distractions in our lives this made me realise that it’s rare we actually give someone our absolute undivided attention which is such a shame because how amazing does it feel when we do. When Ella did exactly this I felt valued, connected and loved.

How did the simple act of giving someone your undivided attention become such a rarity.

Maybe this is something that resonates for you, and if so, take this as a little reminder to be present in your conversations with your loved ones today, switch off from all the distractions, turn the noise around you down and really listen to the person across from you. Not only will it make that persons day but it will also make yours.

Be the change you want to see in the world 🙏🏼