Motivation Monday

“Let’s talk about living your best life feeling happy, healthy and energised!”

Do you struggle to feel motivated in and around your health and fitness?

Do people try and encourage you to participate in strict weight loss programs that leave you feeling deprived and miserable? 😔

Do you wish you could find a community who will support your health and fitness goals and still encourage you to participate in the things you love? 😍

If answered YES to any of the above, you will want to check out the Stellar Performance for Women 30-day spring kickstart program

We put together this program for you because over many decades in coaching women, we know most mums want to be strong, lean and energised but have minimal time to spend on themselves and cooking for the family. We also know that you need to live your life, understanding that there will always be a dinner, event, party or social engagement to attend and offer strategies and tips on how to still enjoy these events and keep striving towards your goals 🙌

Sound like your kind of program? Email us at

We guarantee,

✔️ Easy family friendly recipes

✔️ Stellar workouts to suit all fitness levels

✔️ Post-natal friendly training ensuring you are working within your limitations and progressing over the months following the arrival of your little one

✔️ Community support and encouragement

✔️ Education and motivation

Stellar prides themselves on helping mums create a healthy balance and teach them how to live their best life feeling happy, healthy and energised! 👌🏻


So, what are you waiting for mums of the inner west! Join us and our incredibly supportive community at


“Being a a mum can obviously be draining and overwhelming at times, and the workouts make me feel lighter in spirit and more resilient.

The classes are small enough to get personal attention but not so big that you get lost in the crowd , and risk doing the exercises incorrectly. It is also just a whole lot of fun to be part of a group of such positive and lovely women.

I am absolutely hooked!!”Meaghan


Dani & Jess