Can I come and check out a class to make sure its for me?

Yes absolutely, we would love to have you along for a free trial class!

  1. Check out our Timetable.
  2. Choose your preferred class and select "Sign Up"
  3. Complete the details to create a profile through Mind Body.
  4. Receive your Welcome Email and reminder.
  5. Attend and enjoy your free trial class!

I’m quite unfit, are the classes suitable for my fitness level?

All classes have various fitness levels in attendance. We will regress or progress an exercise appropriate to the individuals capabilities. You are in good hands at Stellar.

Is there a joining fee?

All new clients are expected to do an initial assessment to determine current fitness level and strength, test muscle separation in the abdominals (post pregnancy if applicable), set some health and fitness goals and for us get a clear vision on the clients expectations of their trainers and our program. You can choose between Stellar starter or Stellar accelerate. 

Can I suspend my direct debits if I go on holidays?

Yes you can suspend your debits if you are going to be away for 2 weeks or more given you provide 2 week’s notice prior to the start of your holiday.

Can I bring a friend along?

Absolutely! We love your friends. Please refer them to the website to book in a free trial class.

What is your class cancellation policy?

A minimum of 3hrs notice must be given if you can’t attend your scheduled class to avoid a late charge.

I’m worried about leaving my baby in the childcare? Are they far away?

The playroom is right next to the training area in the hall so the childcare staff can advise if you are needed to attend to your child.

What if along the way, I feel Stellar is not a good fit for me? Can I terminate my contract?

Upon membership opt in you have a 48hr cooling otherwise all contracts are a minimum term of 12 weeks and upfront payment packages are non-refundable