Royal Coastal Track Walk 12/13 November 2016

"Royal Coastal Track Walk 12/13 November 2016"

If you haven't booked your spot yet, there are still places available for some more girls to join us on our 2 day walk along the Royal Coastal Track.  

Last year a group of us were lucky enough to complete a 2 day walk through the Wolgan Valley!  It truly was such a fabulous weekend with you girls and (minus the cold) one we would love to experience again!  So this year we have left it till the weather warms up and booked the Royal Coastal Track Walk on 12th & 13th November!

We are delighted to have so many of you interested!  If you haven't yet booked your spot or would like to read more about it check out

Contact us to reserve your spot!   Looking forward to another memorable weekend with you girls!