Sugar Free Spring Challenge!

Challenges are always more enjoyable and acheivable when done with friends so we are inviting you to join us for our Sugar Free Spring Challenge - free to all Stellar Members!  

This challenge is guaranteed to reduce bloating, increase energy, reduce body fat and have you feeling healthier and happier in no time!

To register you will need to email and confirm your commitment.  We will send you your tracking sheet and instructions which include to committing to consume predominately whole foods. for the duration of the challenge.  Where this does not occur processed/package food needs to be <5gram sugar per 100gram serving (refer to the nutritional information table on the product).  You will earn points for the days that you adhere to the above guidelines and can earn a bonus 5 points per week for posting a pic of a sugar free meal/recipe that you have cooked, on the Stellar Performance Facebook Page. 

Not only will you benefit mentally and physically from this challenge, we also have some awesome prizes up for grabs for the top two people who achieve the most points!

- 1st Prize 2 x Cooking Demonstration Vouchers at Egg of the Universe Cafe in Rozelle, valued at $160 for the winner and a friend to enjoy!

- 2nd Prize "Simplicious" by Sarah Wilson (valued at $40).

Get involved girls and reap the rewards!