Member of the Month - March

We couldn't be prouder of our Member of the Month for March!  Claudia, one of our newer Stellar members joined our 40 Day Reboot in February and has blown us away with her acheivements!  Having not exercised before, she is truly such an incredible inspiration to everyone, giving every workout 100% and following the 6 Week Nutrition Guide she is feeling sensational and there is no looking back!

Not only did she say goodbye to 23cm in her measurements (chest/wais/hips) and 5kg through the 40 Day Reboot she has gained a healthy approach to her nutrition, an improved mindset to movement!

Claudia took the time to answer the Member of the Month questions and here is what she had to say!

1. What is your biggest achievement since joining our health & fitness group?  

My biggest achievement is actually turning up to classes! After that it's basically just giving everything a crack and trying my best not to pass out during a class!

2. What is your favourite type of workout? 

My favourite workout is the Power Pilates - it's not high impact but man oh man you can still build up a good sweat!!!  

3. What is your main health and fitness goal for the next 12 months? 

My goal is to lose weight (hopefully dropping a dress size or two) without depriving myself of small pleasures. I am realising eating healthy is sustainable and is definitely a new way of life for me.

4.  Share your favourite recipe with us?

I'm not sure I have a favourite recipe of my own - but I LOVE the crust-less quiche recipe in the 6 Week Nutrition Guide using eggs & cream. I mix it up and use any vegetables that I have in the fridge at the time (grated zucchini bulks it out).  I also add chilli and/or Jalapenos for a hit of heat.   It tastes so good I can't believe that it's actually considered good for you! 

5. Hit us with your favourite motivational quote!

Something I seem to quote a lot at the moment is "I can only but try!" I'm not sure it's a motivational quote per se but it sums up where I am right now it terms of my fitness ability ... I can only but try, and hopefully I will get there!

Congratulations again lovely! As a small token of your efforts we would like you to enjoy brunch on us at STORE Espresso in Leichhardt!  Enjoy!

Thank you for being a part of the Stellar Community and providing so much inspiration! 

Dani, Jess & the Stellar Team xxx