I Started training with Dani & Jess in January 2014 , after my husband bought me 10 sessions for my birthday present in December 2013. Almost  2 years later, I have now told him that it was the best birthday present he has ever given me (and this includes a trip to New York for my 30th!). This is because training with them has been life-changing. It sounds clichΓ©d but it's true!

Before joining Stellar, I had been through periods of my life when I was pretty fit. I have been a regular gym-goer, practised Bikram Yoga for several years and have had a few personal trainers. I had completed 5 half-marathons and generally tried to stay healthy.
However - nothing has compared to this.

I initially went once a week, but after a couple of months I increased it to two times per week, as I was enjoying it so much and already getting good results. I have been  regular twice-weekly attendance and I have never felt so fit and strong. I have also been injury-free for the whole year, which for a runner is a feat in itself. 

The classes have also really helped with my general mood. Being a mumcan obviously be draining and overwhelming at times, and the classes make me feel lighter in spirit and more resilient. Dani has an incredibly energetic, positive and encouraging attitude. Jess is also
an amazing trainer, so upbeat and motivated - it is impossible to be in a bad / lazy mood around these two! The classes are small enough to get personal attention but not so big that you get lost in the crowd, and risk doing the exercises incorrectly. It is also just a whole lot of fun to be part of a group of such positive and lovely women.

I am absolutely hooked!!

April 2015