It has been almost a year since joining the group and I have never looked back.   Every class is different and inspiring.  I am not a morning person and yet I have been raising to the challenge of the 6am start because I know I will feel so much better after the class, mentally and physically.  
Jess and Dani are great trainers who love to keep fit and are helpful and friendly.  They will always have a modification for you if you require one.  They are professional and you understand how they love to keep and be fit.

You can become involved in the challenges, fund raising or additional activities, ie City to Surf and go as a member of Stellar Performance, which is inspiring and relationship building.

I haven't used the babysitting service, however it is a great add-on for any mum with pre-schoolers.

I would highly recommend joining Stella to meet some great people and to get fit.