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Meet Alex


My training style is precise and challenging.

Before my clients begin to use heavier weights, or generally start exploring more complex movements, I focus on whether they are moving in a safe manner. It is essential you build a strong foundation in order to move on to more advanced exercises without causing any injury. My style of coaching is precise and stimulating. I always ensure my clients’ form is correct and that the right muscles are being challenged. I specialise in weight loss, muscle gain and strength training.

My fitness philosophy is to build a stronger body for a longer life. I believe fitness serves only to enhance your life. It doesn’t matter what type of training you enjoy, as long as it gets you moving, you are improving your fitness. I don’t believe in strict dieting, I know many of us struggle with being told what to eat and what not to eat and so I implement flexible dieting regimes with my clients. No food is forbidden and your diets will still fit your daily macro nutrient intake (fat, carbs and protein).

My goal as a coach for each and every one of my clients is to make fitness, in of itself, a routine in my clients’ lives. It is so important that you enjoy training and to be able to see the positive growth and changes in your everyday life. Be it that you find you are more energetic, more confident or just more educated about eating smarter, your fitness routines should serve to enhance your life.


  • Cert III Gym Instructor

  • Cert IV Personal Training

  • Diploma in Fitness