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Meet Shayne


 Fitness and sport has always been a major part of my life. At a young age I would spend hours in the backyard running, jumping, kicking the footy and chasing my dog. I was always passionate about being outdoors and had a particular love for team sports, so much so that my Mother tells me how I would cry every time Saturday sport was cancelled due to weather conditions haha.

I carried this passion into my teams and played Rugby Union and Softball at a competitive adult level in New Zealand. At some point in my ife I have played every sport you could imagine from Golf to Boxing, to Volleyball and everything in between… even Netball!

I went to Uni to study business as my dream was to one day start my own business in the fitness industry. My career in the fitness industry started in front line sales and progressed through to area management however in 2015 I choose to transition to the fitness coaching side of the industry and away from the business side. Basically I had grown tired of sitting in an office managing teams and listening to CEOs and wanted to get back to my original passion being physical exercise!

I quickly attained my certifications and begun teaching group fitness as a freelance instructor for multiple gyms. From there I started my own evening ladies bootcamp and personal training business with a focus on ladies strength and fat loss.

I am super excited to be a part of the Stellar Performance team now as well and am looking forward to having fun and working hard with all the members!