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Outdoor Training

Outdoor Training

If you are looking for fun fitness classes with a group of amazing women all striving for the same awesome outcome, then look no further.  With multiple locations in the Inner West we offer 20+ weekly classes including :


Our classes are kept to a size that allows us to still give individual attention to all members and provide regression and progression of movements to ensure that everyone is moving at an intensity that is suitable for them.  So no matter if you are pregnant, just had your baby, haven’t exercised in years or an avid gym goer our classes are suitable for you!

We are also pleased to offer babysitting at our mid morning classes.

We often get asked which class is going to be suitable at first but to be honest, in all of our classes we provide regressions and progressions for people so everyone is working at an intensity suitable for them. So to answer your question, any class is suitable for your first one ? Here is what you can expect at each class…

STELLAR BOX : With an emphasis on correct stance and boxing technique, STELLAR BOX will improve co- ordination, cardio fitness, reduce stress and lift your mood. Double the fun by training with a partner and you are always guaranteed to push yourself harder and have a few laughs along the way. All fitness levels welcome.

STELLAR XTRAINER : The perfect all-rounder class! Stellar X-Trainer is either a circuit style class integrating weight training, cardio and core stations specific to women or a sets and reps style class. Either way you will work up a sweat and push your individual limits to the max. Tailored to all fitness levels.

STELLAR HIIT : A fun filled workout incorporating a full body warm up followed by High intensity interval training incorporating resistance , cardio & core conditioning. This class is guaranteed to strip body fat, build lean muscle, and leave you feeling energised all day long. Suitable for all fitness levels.

STELLAR HIIT/PILATES : A combination of High intensity interval training and pilates all in one!  Suitable for all fitness levels.

STELLAR RUN : A fun yet challenging cardiovascular workout that focuses on running with a sprinkle of bodyweight exercises and core movements. Burn fat, build muscle, increase fitness and start your day off the right way with STELLAR Run!