Workout Wednesday

"Stair Sprint Workout"

Head to your nearest stairs and crack out this one!  These stairs are next to Pirrama Park in Pymont (they go further than you can see in this video) which are a nice quick set… favourites in Sydney are Bridgewater Park, Rozelle and of course the Stairs of Death in Coogee.  I am also incredibly excited that Ive spotted NEW ones that are nearly finished in Glebe - you will be ale to access them from the apartments at Harold Park or off Wigram Road, Glebe.

For this workout you will need to complete 1 Stair Sprint in between each of the following bodyweight exercises e.g. Stair Sprint then 70 Mountain Climbers, Stair Sprint then 60 second Plank etc.

70 Mountain Climbers

60 sec Plank

50 Squats

40 Reverse Curls

30 Squat

20 Curtsey Lunges

10 Bodyweight Manmakers

Depending on the length of stairs and your fitness level you can complete this once so it would be 7 Sprints in total OR if you are feeling a little cray cray you can do this through for 2 rounds!  Yeeeoooow!

Jess xxx