I joined Stellar Performance 3 weeks out from turning 40. I had told myself that this was my year to get back to my pre baby weight. Having had my third child almost three years ago I was still hanging onto about 4 kgs I just could not shift. 

There were a few mothers from my son’s school who had been telling me that if I wanted results Dani and Jess were the people to see. I had been training at my local gym so wasn’t sure if outdoor training was for me or whether I could commit to the early morning training. What I loved was that I could not only do a trial class but there was no pressure to commit to weekly payments as there was the offer of buying a 20 pack. Having babysitting at only $2.00 per child was also a huge bonus. My children absolutely love going to Dani’s and get upset when it’s not a training day. They weren’t huge fans of the crèche at my gym and having them love going to Dani’s made committing to training that much easier. 

I love that every workout is different and you are pushed to train your hardest which is very easy not to do when training alone at a gym. In the short time I have been training with the girls I have increased from two sessions a week to up to four or five. I always look forward to my next session and love the variety of what Stellar offers from Pilates through to high intensity workouts. 

Although I haven’t quite reached my goal weight I have had many people tell me that I look like I’ve lost weight and say my shape has changed. I know if I focussed as much on my nutrition as I do now on my fitness I could reach my ideal weight, however,  I have learnt to let go of the magic number I’m expecting from the scales and work rather on being the fittest, strongest and happiest I can be.  

Thank you Dani and Jess. You’re both amazing.