Workout Wednesday

"All about abs"

Today’s workout is all about building core strength. It’s a great set to add onto the end of a cardio or weights session or do simply as is. Enjoy this one! You will definitely feel the burn.

10 x walkout to push up  (you can drop to your knees for the push up but need to hop back up on the toes in high plank position to finish the walkout)

10 x slow mountain climbers – hands directly below the shoulders

10 x single leg reach (you can keep your head down on the ground here or progress the exercise by having straight legs and moving in a scissor action)

10 x Criss Cross(you can keep the legs in scissors) – slide opposite rib to hip

10 x plank with arm reach – keep pelvis stable and centred

1 min plank hold (knees or toes) – be sure your elbows are directly below your shoulders and you are not collapsing between the shoulder blades

Complete 4 rounds!!! Ouch…..

Important notes - Keep the movements slow and be sure you are supporting your head when in flexion if you feel any strain in your neck or upper shoulders. It’s important that your eye gaze is directly through the thighs, avoid looking down towards your stomach or up at the ceiling. Always relax the neck and shoulders.

In plank position keep the top of your head reaching forward in front of you and try to avoid looking up or hanging your head down.

Rest when you need to. Do not continue if your feel strain in your neck or back.