Workout Wednesday

"Fab Abs"

Let’s face it, who doesn’t want a 6 pack!?!

Coupled with clean eating, this ab workout a few times a week, will have you well on the way to amazing core strength, better posture and fab abs.

Complete 3-4 rounds of the following exercises (3 times a week).

10 x Walkout to Push up (Knees or toes for the push up. If on knees, come back to toes to complete the walkout)

10 x Travelling plank (knees or toes , change lead arm each round)

10 x Reverse curl

10 x Criss Cross (or pendulum in side to side for diastasis)

10 x Double curl (scissor legs, head down for diastasis)

10 x shoulder tap in high plank (can be on knees and hands for regression)

45 – 60 secs plank on elbows (knees or toes)

Have fun with this workout everyone! It can be done anywhere. No excuses.