Fuel Friday

“The perfectly imperfect Avocado!”

We all know that feeling of slicing open a carefully picked avocado only to find that its bruised, stringy or got brown bits in it or when you go to use the leftover half and it’s all brown. I used to try and cut around all these “bad” bits and only use the small amount that remained – which lets be honest sometimes isn’t very much…such a waste 🙈

These “bad” bits however generally just mean that the avocado has either been picked from an immature tree (its stringy), its been damaged in transport (it has bruises) or you haven’t stored it correctly (its gone brown due to oxidization).

With the majority of avocados having “imperfections”, to avoid wastage, its important to understand that they are still perfectly safe and nutritious to eat.

So try these two tips:

💚 I think most of you will know this one but if you are anything like me I could never be bothered to actually do it in the past and would just throw the avocado out 🤦🏻‍♀️ So treat this as a reminder....if you are storing the remains of your avocado in a container in the fridge to use later for your salad or whatever and you don’t want it to go brown, squeeze lemon or lime on it before storage. This will slow down the oxidisation process that makes them go brown. Either way however keep in mind it is still fine to use it brown or not 😉

💚 If your avocado has gone brown or it has stringy bits or some bruises, you can cut it up (skin and seed removed), squeeze lemon or lime on it (if it’s not already brown) and store them in a container in the FREEZER to be used later for salad dressings or smoothies. This will make them super dooper creamy and you wont even notice the stringy or brown bits. Just think of it like an overripe banana that you would use in a banana bread 😉

Speaking of Avocados, I’ve popped a “Creamy Avocado Dressing” recipe on our story for today that you have to save to use for later...it’s simple and delicious!

Jess ✌🏼