Fuel Friday

"8 Vinigerette Dressings for your Salad"

I love a salad but let's face it, unless you change it up often it can get a bit boring.
Following on from the delicious addition to my salad of roasted veges (I prepared earlier in the week), I also like to switch the proteins and lettuce varieties around, add seeds/nuts for crunch and sometimes bean shoots.
To top off your salad, there is nothing better than a drizzle of your favourite dressing!!
Pretty much all store brought dressings are loaded with sugars and preservatives and can add heaps of calories to your healthy salad. No thanks!!
I always make my own using 2 parts light olive oil or grapeseed oil, 1 part white or apple cider vinegar, salt/pepper and a tsp of  either wholegrain or dijon mustard. 
You can make a big batch and store in the fridge for immediate use each time you make your salad.
The link below provides 8 different variations of dressings. 
My only advice is to use good quality olive or grapeseed oil and home-made mayonnaise. Use a drizzle of dressing to add a kick of flavour and avoid drowning your meal.

Salads just got interesting! Enjoy :)



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