Fuel Friday

"Peanut butter protein balls"

How gooooood is peanut butter! πŸ€€πŸ˜‹

Check out these amazing peanut butter protein balls by Theresa Cutter – amazeballs

β–ͺ️120g fresh pitted dates
β–ͺ️1 cup rolled outs
β–ͺ️½ cup desiccated coconut
β–ͺ️1 TBS chocolate protein powder
β–ͺ️150g peanut butter (I use mayvers)
β–ͺ️A little water to mix if needed

Method πŸ“•
πŸ”ΊCombine everything except peanut butter and water in the food processor and blend till smooth
πŸ”ΊRemove from processor and add peanut butter/water. Mix through well
πŸ”ΊRoll into balls and roll through crushed nuts or coconut
πŸ”ΊStore in fridge
πŸ”ΊKeeps for 7 days

Great pre – training treat πŸ’ͺ